Description: Creamy Coconut, Sandalwood, Amethyst Amber

On Cold: I liked the smell of this in the clamshell. VERY coconut! Not much else.

When Warmed: : This has way too much coconut for me. I'm not a huge fan or coconut in home fragrance.. but I like to try ALL the things, ya know? Nope, I had to take it out of my warmers because it was too strong. If you like coconut, you'll want this...and you should put it in your Scentsy Club!

Strength: 9/10, Throw: 9/10, Longevity: ? I had to take it out. Probably 48 hours


Description: Nectarine Blossom, Peony, Coral Waters 

On Cold: I liked the smell of this in the clamshell. The peony didn't seem to strong and the Nectarine Blossom seemed balanced.

When Warmed: : Again...I'm getting a strong Linen fragrance with a floral note. I feel like everything smells like Clothesline. Not sure why. Anyway, the peony is also there when you warm this wax. It's a "no" from me, but it's not a bad fragrance. I just want something more unique.

Strength: 7.5/10, Throw: 8/10, Longevity: 24 hours


Description: Honeydew Melon, Freesia, Wild Poppy

On Cold: Perfect balance of melon and floral. One is not stronger than the other. It doesn't smell specifically like poppy though. Just "flowers".

When Warmed: : Great fragrance but was gone in about 6 hours. Not too heavy in the air either. Liked it. Strength: 7.5/10, Throw: 7/10, Longevity: 6 hrs.


Description: Sunwashed Linen, Magnolia, Honeysuckle 

On Cold: This is a VERY strong Linen fragrance with a floral note. I hope they put it in laundry products.

When Warmed: : This was a bit strong! I used 4 cubes in a 400 sq.ft. area and I had to open the windows. That said, it was LOVELY! I'll be buying more. Strength: 9/10, Throw: 9/10, Longevity: 48 hrs.


Description: Blood Orange, Pink Pineapple, Snapdragon

On Cold: I liked the smell of this in the clamshell. I didn't pick up pineapple, but it's a floral-fruity vibe.

When Warmed: : Smelled great for 3 hours...then nothing. Way too light for me.

Strength: 5/10, Throw: 5/10, Longevity: 3 hours.


Description: Ocean Water, Sandstone, Driftwood, Pink Lemon

On Cold: The name is pretentious, but I like this scent. Aquatic, a little woody, I don't pick up the lemon at all...at first. But when you are smelling it and THINK about Lemon, it's there. Weird!

When Warmed: : This turns into "laundry" fragrance in the warmers. Pretty strong, but short lived.

Strength: 9/10, Throw: 8/10, Longevity: 12 hrs.


Description: Icy Tangerine, Mango, Vanilla Cream Swirl

On Cold: This smells like every other orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream scented product out there.

NOT a favorite for me.

When Warmed: : The "cream" note burned up and off fast. This ended up being more citrus than dessert-ish. Not as bad as I originally thought it'd be. Strength: 6/10, Throw: 3/10, Longevity: 9 hrs.


Description: Sea Salt, Whipped Vanilla, Caramel

On Cold: This is a sweet, bakery scent. If you know me, you know that this isn't my jam...but I try all the things! It's a sweet caramel, not too strong, not too much vanilla.

When Warmed: : It's not terrible. Not too heavy in the air the way some bakery fragrances can be. Used this in my son's room. He liked it. Strength: 7/10, Throw: 6/10, Longevity: 18 hrs.