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Amazon Rain - Description: Melon, orange zest, coconut milk and sultry night blooming jasmine.

On Cold Sniff: This is sweet, but rounded. Not herbal at all. Not sure about jasmine, but floral.

When Warmed: Not very powerful. Not very long lasting but a very relaxing scent. perfect for a bedroom at night time. Perfect for a small bathroom. This won't cover up foul odors though. Don't even try it. Haha.


Apricot Vanilla - Description: Heirloom peach, apricot and vanilla ice cream tempt fate (and everyone else).

On Cold Sniff: This one reminds me of an orange creamsicle. Apricot has a citrus note to me. I was intrigued!

When Warmed: At first, I was in love! It was a slice of peach pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But the scent warmed up and out of the wax so fast, I felt like I missed something. I would only recommend this in small rooms for wax. But I will be getting the room spray! I have a feeling the room spray will be a good performer.


Atlantic Air - Description: A refined veil of ocean mist, sea salt, and white orchid.

On Cold Sniff: Very clean right off the bat. It reminds me of Luna, clean and lightly floral.

When Warmed: This wax is fabulous but it is just not strong enough for me. I thought it would be too strong if I used more than 2 or 3 cubes, but it needs to be doubled up in the warmer. Then, It’s great.

Gingerbread Donut - Description: Golden gingerbread, spiced donut, and vanilla bean.

On Cold Sniff: Smells exactly the way it is described. Deep, buttery scent. Lovely.

When Warmed: This had a moderate scent throw (how far the scent travels) and it smelled great for the first few hours. I was so thrilled with it I made a live video on my facebook page! ( )

But later in the day, the fragrance transformed into a straight-up butter scent. Butter butter butter! My husband asked me to shut the warmers off, and he RARELY asks for that. Considering he's vegan, I accommodated. The dairy note that came out after 7 or 8 hours was interesting, to say the least.


Go Go Mango - Description: Juicy mango and melon garnished with hibiscus and sweet banana flower.

On Cold Sniff: I'm no mango fan, but this scent isn't overly sweet or juicy. It's fresh and light.

When Warmed: This wax doesn't change the scent in the entire room. Walking past a warmer, you get a hint of light fruit and flower. It's not a distinct scent. This is better for a smaller room, perfect in a bathroom.

Homestead Holiday - Description: A bounty of blood orange, cinnamon, and fresh fir needle.

On Cold Sniff: This has a bit of cinnamon and arbor...not too much citrus. It's nice and holiday-like.

When Warmed: This is the most "Christmassy" scent I think I've ever smelled! The citrus comes out when you warm the wax, it's a subtle, sweet citrus, almost tangerine. The fir needle is there, the cinnamon is there. LOVE.


Jammy Time - Description: Drift into dreamland with baby freesia, lavender, and sweet pea.

On Cold Sniff: I only really smell lavender, maybe a little bit of vanilla. This is nice, very clean.

When Warmed: This has turned into one of my absolute favorite scents. I use it for my laundry, in my Scentsy Go, I would use it for lotion if they made that! With just the right amount of lavender, it's very clean, not overly floral and it makes me calm and relaxed. 

Perfectly Pomegranate - Description: Dark and juicy pomegranate with a sweet berry finish; this is a classic.

On Cold Sniff: Nice surprise. I thought this would be a super tart, crisp scent, but I think I smell cream?

When Warmed: Definitely a berry scent but not overly sweet. There's a rounded quality to this fragrance. It's not "all fruit, all the time"'s almost not a food scent. It's just very clean, but there's a berry in there. And I swear I think I smell cream!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl - Description: Fresh Pumpkin with a cinnamon stick and a dollop of whipped icing.

On Cold Sniff: Red hots with a cinnamon roll. I don't smell any all.

When Warmed: After about 5 or 6 hours, this turned into a straight up butter scent. I never smelled icing, really. NOT a favorite in this house. But people clamoring for this scent! Everyone's sniffer differs!


Rainforest Bungalow - Description: Emerald palm frond, dewy lemongrass, and aloe flower.

On Cold Sniff: My son smelled pine, but I think he was thinking "greenery".  I don't pick up Lemongrass at all.

When Warmed: I warmed it on the first sunny and clear day in NYC. All my windows were open and there were grassy notes coming in from outside as well as from my warmers. It may not have been "neessary" today. This wax will be perfect for a cold rainy/snowy day when you need a "shot" of nature. This is a GREEN scent! 


Sheer Leather - Description: Slip into something sensual, like bergamot, a subtle leather, and sandalwood.

On Cold Sniff: AMAZING. Men's cologne all the way. I immediately felt like this should be a fragrance roller.

When Warmed: The Bergamot gives this a crisp, clean, almost alcohol feel. But it's heady from the sandalwood. I wouldn't say it's "subtle" leather, Suede one of the major notes in here. Possibly not everyone's favorite, only because it's so close to a cologne scent that outside of a bathroom, it may be inappropriate. 


Shimmer - Description: Sweet cherries, velvety apricots, and sensual white musk with shimmering spun sugar.

On Cold Sniff: I don't really smell cherry, but I do pick up apricot! This is a clean, feminine scent, but sweet too!

When Warmed: This gives a very romantic atmosphere to any room it's warmed in! It's not overly strong but it does linger for at least 2 - 2.5 days. Towards the end of its cycle, this takes on a perfume vibe. 

Sugar - Description: Fruity blend of lemon drops and cotton candy.

On Cold Sniff: This smells amazing! It immediately reminded me of Shea Moisture's Raw Shea & Cupuaçu Daily Defense Body Butter. Some people think it smells like Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume. It's VERY romantic, sweet.

When Warmed: Just as fabulous! This one will be warmed in my bedroom. Very relaxing, not sickeningly sweet.


Sweet Pea & Vanilla - Description: Ambiance of raspberries and sweet pea petals with vanilla.

On Cold Sniff: This smells very much like most things you'll get at a certain BBW store. (Know what I mean?)

When Warmed: Surprisingly strong and long-lasting. Better than any $15 candle you can buy. This is like a raspberry cologne. I smell the fruit and the floral but I don't get vanilla. That's OK. Too bad Scentsy doesn't make a body wash or lotion in this scent. That would be dreamy!


Welcome Home - Description: Warm and welcoming with cinnamon and spices.

On Cold Sniff: Cinnamon all the way. A combination of baking cinnamon and "red hots" cinnamon. 

When Warmed: This is a strong wax, good for "warming" up a lighter scent by mixing. This also compliments bakery or gourmand scents beautifully. I don't reach for this to warm on its own. But it's wickedly popular!