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These scents are not currently available. Check back soon!

A Wink and a Smile : Description - Tulips and daffodils, rounded out with plummy lemonade.

On Cold Sniff - More like a clean shampoo than the floral that the description states.

When Warmed - I smell a big cantaloupe note in this. Warmed it twice. I don't smell lemon, lemonade, tulips...and I don't know what daffodils smell like. This is nice, just nice. Not very strong.

All You Need is Love - Description:  Coconut sugar, creamy vanilla, and bing cherry.

On Cold Sniff: This is a deep, sweet scent. Before I could read the notes, I couldn't place the cherry smell. I knew it was a subtle fruit odor, but I don't smell cherry.

When Warmed: I still don't smell cherry. It 's not coconut, it's coconut sugar (think sugar, not coconut). The vanilla is really "creamy" which is insane...I don't know how they do it! I liked this in my kitchen.

Aloha Citrus - Description : A fresh tide of tangerine, jade blossom and vetiver .

On Cold : Smelled fabulous. I don’t know what jade blossom smells like but I like it.

When Warmed: This made my home smell like strawberry lemonade. Very nice but the floral notes that you smell in the clamshell disappear when you warm it. The citrus is very forward and tart.


Amber Road : Description - Hand-picked from exotic lands, to discover glowing red cedar and resinous incense.


Ambrosia : Description - Pineapple, mandarin orange, pear, and grapes with jam and fruit nectar.

On Cold Sniff - This smelled like a cherry. VERY fruity, like a fruit punch.

Amethyst  - Description : a lovely blend of lavender petals, chamomile and tonka bean.


Apple Press : Description -  Crunchy apples, juicy pears, & just a hint of the last full roses of the summer.

First Sniff - Very Autumn, very apple. But that hint of rose tones down the fruit aspect. LOVE it.

When Warmed - Just as good. A perfect living room scent. I paired with Midnight Fig, died and gone to heaven!

Apricot Vanilla - Description: Heirloom peach, apricot and vanilla ice cream tempt fate (and everyone else).

On Cold Sniff: This one reminds me of an orange creamsicle. Apricot has a citrus note to me. I was intrigued!

When Warmed: At first, I was in love! It was a slice of peach pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But the scent warmed up and out of the wax so fast, I felt like I missed something. I would only recommend this in small rooms for wax. But I will be getting the room spray! I have a feeling the room spray will be a good performer.

Atlantic Air - Description: A refined veil of ocean mist, sea salt, and white orchid.

On Cold Sniff: Very clean right off the bat. It reminds me of Luna, clean and lightly floral.

When Warmed: This wax is fabulous but it is just not strong enough for me. I thought it would be too strong if I used more than 2 or 3 cubes, but it needs to be doubled up in the warmer. Then, It’s great.


Aussie Plum : Description - Juicy plum, pink grapefruit, and tart pomegranate with smooth vanilla.

On Cold Sniff - Strong fruity scent! Nice. And that vanilla is VERY important in here.

When Warmed - Better than I thought! It could use a bit more vanilla, but it's really nice and light.


Baja Breeze : Description - Enchanting blend of tropical fruits and flowers.


Bamboo Sugar Cane : Description - A sparkling splash of citrus and sweet florals.


Banana Nut Bread : Description - Right from the oven with ripe bananas, nuts, and spices.


Beach - Description - Papaya and honeydew sweetened with a hint of coconut.

On Cold Sniff - I thought this was going to be great when I smelled the clamshell.

When Warmed - I was a bit disappointed in this wax. Too fruity to be called Beach in my opinion. I wanted it to be a fresh, "windy" scent. But it was heavy and fruity. Not a fan, personally.

Berry Cosmo Boogie - Description : Sugared grapefruit, white cranberry, raw sugar swing out with wild berries.

Best Berry - Description: Strawberry, Raspberry, Spun Sugar

On Cold: I smell Raspberry, a little strawberry...but there's a floral note in here that smells foreign.

When Warmed: : This was lovely. The floral tone (even though it's not in the description) comes out and makes this a nice, complex fragrance. Strength: 6/10, Throw: 5/10, Longevity: 24 hrs.

Blue Hyacinth - Description: Florals from heaven! Pure blue hyacinth is all about the flower power.

On Cold Sniff: This scent flooded my brain with memories of a perfume I used in Junior High School. It was incredible how my thoughts IMMEDIATELY brought me back. I loved the perfumes I wore back then!

When Warmed: This is 100% floral with a powdery note. Super feminine. It might not be perfect for everyone but I loved it! I warmed this in my bedroom and remember consciously smelling it in my sleep. Fabulous!

Boho : Description - Clove-studded apples with black plums, candied mulberries, cinnamon sticks.

On Cold Sniff - I wasn't a huge fan right away. It had a Christmas or craft store feel to it.

When Warmed - This was seriously one of my favorites in this collection. It was JUST spicy enough to be warm, but the apple and plum come through to give a sweet, almost tart, undertone. Very welcoming.

Bright and Cheery : Description - A creamy-sweet lemon, sugarcane and shea butter blend.

On Cold Sniff : For some reason, this reminded me of McDonald’s. I only got that really the first time I smelled it. It doesn’t smell like fast food or meat at all. It’s a lovely scent! Fab.

When Warmed: This really made me feel bright and cheery! All the notes in the description come out when you warm this. It’s got some lemon custard fragrance, I think.

Bubblegum - Description - baseball-card bubble gum—sugar and cotton candy with a hint of mint.

Business Casual : Description - Exotic cardamom, caraway, pepper, and fragrant woods with orange blossom.

Caramel Pear Crisp : Description - Pear and nectarine in a brown sugar crust and topped with caramel cream.

Cherry Limeade - Description - Zesty Key lime, sweet cherry and juicy berry: reminiscent of a drink.

On Cold Sniff - People smell different things when they open the shell. I smell bathroom cleanser, My son smells candy, fruit punch and conditioner, all wrapped up together.

When Warmed - I've warmed this a few times. In my opinion, this is a bathroom scent. I don't pick up a candy or drink smell when I warm it. It is very clean, but not something I want to smell all the time.

Citrine - Description : a stirring mix of sweet orange, pineapple nectar and vanilla.

Coastal Strawberry - Description: Earthy, fruity strawberry vine and raspberry seeds over jasmine petals.

On Cold Sniff: This wax smelled VERY light to me. I had doubts...but the good thing was that it wasn't just strawberry and that's it. There were definite green notes, like vine or shrub.

When Warmed: This might be in the top 10. I used this is my bedroom and 2 days later, I could still smell the wax. The strawberry is at a perfect level, balancing with the earthy tones. Unique fragrance!

COASTAL SUNSET - Description: Creamy Coconut, Sandalwood, Amethyst Amber

On Cold: I liked the smell of this in the clamshell. VERY coconut! Not much else.

When Warmed: : This has way too much coconut for me. I'm not a huge fan or coconut in home fragrance.. but I like to try ALL the things, ya know? Nope, I had to take it out of my warmers because it was too strong. If you like coconut, you'll want this...and you should put it in your Scentsy Club!

Strength: 9/10, Throw: 9/10, Longevity: ? I had to take it out. Probably 48 hours


Coconut Flan - Description: Whipped butter folded with cocoa powder and coconut cream.

On Cold Sniff: The scent of this wax is ALL coconut when the wax is cold. But just rubbing my finger on it released a crazy caramel note that deepened the experience. I loved this!

When Warmed: They listed butter as the first note in the Scentsy description....yup! This is VERY buttery, then caramel, then coconut....opposite of my cold sniff impression. This is a warm scent, giving a cozy feeling to the room. But this did make me hungry for sweets.

CORAL WATERS - Description: Nectarine Blossom, Peony, Coral Waters 

On Cold: I liked the smell of this in the clamshell. The peony didn't seem to strong and the Nectarine Blossom seemed balanced.

When Warmed: : Again...I'm getting a strong Linen fragrance with a floral note. I feel like everything smells like Clothesline. Not sure why. Anyway, the peony is also there when you warm this wax. It's a "no" from me, but it's not a bad fragrance. I just want something more unique.

Strength: 7.5/10, Throw: 8/10, Longevity: 24 hours


Cranberry Spice : Description - Cloves and ginger help define the sophistication of tart cranberry.

On Cold Sniff - I thought there was cinnamon in this, but the ginger is very spicy and threw off my nose. I was very unsure about his scent before I warmed it.

When Warmed - One of my favorites! It's quite spicy and not my normal "go to " scent. But the tartness of the cranberry offset the heat of the ginger. This was perfect in my kitchen!


Custard Apple-Description:Pineapple, sugarcane, mango, the essence of custard apple. On Cold Sniff: Green apple, I didn’t smell custard. It’s a crisp scent, not gourmand. Clean. When Warmed: Very nice bathroom scent, considering it smells like apple scented shampoo!


Enchanted Mist : Description - Juicy apples, sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine.

On Cold Sniff - I loved it at first. Feminine. Thought it would be perfect in a bedroom.

When Warmed - I tried this twice...The rose and jasmine are not strong enough in this one. The apple is a bit too heavy, but it's not a deep apple scent. Too fruity for my taste.

Eucalyptus - Description - Soothing, medicinal and fresh.

On Cold Sniff - Liked this a lot when I first opened the clamshell. I thought it would be the perfect accessory for a "couch day", when my kids have a cold. Did I pick up some citrus in there?

When Warmed - This was a MAJOR let down! We could smell nothing. I put 2 cubes in a very powerful warmer and you had to put the dish right up to your face to smell ANYTHING. Very disappointing.

Flower Shop : Description - Just like walking into a flower shop.

On Cold Sniff - Exactly that...a flower shop. It smelled fresh and crisp. Similar to Fresh Cut Grass.

When Warmed - I didn't like it as much when I warmed it. It was heavier than I thought it would be. It's almost an industrial scent. Maybe mixed with a lighter floral? eh...maybe.


Forest Wildflowers-Description:Neroli and mountain sage ride a vetiver breeze.

On Cold Sniff:Very clean and herbal. I smell lavender even though it’s not in the description.

When Warmed: I smell lavender very strongly even when warming it. I don’t smell a lot of flower at all. I like it though, it’s a dupe for purple Fabulouso.


Forever Yours : Description - Sweet, creamy lemon and enchanting jasmine: a rhapsody of devotion.


French Toast : Description - Bread, egg batter, powdered sugar, and a swirl of sweet maple syrup.

On Cold Sniff - We smelled syrup and butter. Like homemade pancakes.

When Warmed - Not on my list of repurchases. The butter note was strong and it's a beautiful bakery, gourmand scent. But it's just not a preferred scent for my family.

Fresh Cut Grass - Description - Fresh cut fairway on a cool summer morning.

On Cold Sniff - This smells exactly like fresh cut grass...similar to Flower Shop Scentsy wax.

When Warmed - I warmed this on a  cold and snowy day. It really changed our mood to Spring!

Fried Ice Cream : Description - Vanilla with a nutty touch along with cinnamon and caramel.

On Cold Sniff - We don't have fried ice cream where we live. We've never had it.

When Warmed - To me, this smells like French Toast Scentsy wax. It had very similar notes.


Frosted Ginger Cookie : Description - Chewy brown sugar cookie spiked with warming ginger and fragrant vanilla.


Fuzzy Blanket :  Description - Snuggle up to the scent of lavender, sandalwood and sweet honeysuckle.

On Cold Sniff - I heard this was a "version" of Jammy Time, but I don't get that. It smells a bit more herbal than that. The deepness of the sandalwood is perfect with the lightness of the honeysuckle.

When Warmed - Just like Pear Blossom & Cucumber, I could smell nothing when I loaded up my warmers. I will try this one more time in my bathroom. Maybe a smaller space will work best.

Gingerbread Donut - Description: Golden gingerbread, spiced donuts, and vanilla bean.

On Cold Sniff: Smells exactly the way it is described. Deep, buttery scent. Lovely.

When Warmed: This had a moderate scent throw (how far the scent travels) and it smelled great for the first few hours. I was so thrilled with it I made a live video on my Facebook page!

But later in the day, the fragrance transformed into a straight-up butter scent. Butter butter butter! My husband asked me to shut the warmers off, and he RARELY asks for that. Considering he's vegan, I accommodated. The dairy note that came out after 7 or 8 hours was interesting, to say the least.

Go Go Mango - Description: Juicy mango and melon garnished with hibiscus and sweet banana flower.

When Warmed: This wax doesn't change the scent in the entire room. Walking past a warmer, you get a hint of light fruit and flower. It's not a distinct scent. This is better for a smaller room, perfect in a bathroom.


Grapefruit Blossom - Description - Tangy grapefruit with a splash of lily flower.

Green Calcite - Description : a blend of bergamot, jasmine and white woods.


Happy Birthday - Description - A “candy-licious” confection of sparkling sugar, whipped cream, and vanilla extract.

Happy Holly Days - Description - Festive golden pear with clove and holiday pine to bring joy to the season.

When warmed: I LOVE this fragrance! The pear is very important here, to soften the edges of the clove and pine. It's perfect. Scentsy Club Worthy!


Hawaiian Paradise - Description - Buffet of Hawaiian fruits: pineapple, banana, mango, papaya, and coconut.


Hendrix - Description - Earthy patchouli, sandalwood, and bold pink pepper, harmonized with sweet tobacco flower


Javanilla : Description - Sweet African Vanilla and Italian espresso topped with just a hint of hazelnut.


Kiwifruit - granada spiked with kiwi and sugarcane.

On Cold Sniff: This one surprised me. It changed when I rubbed it with my finger. Love.

When Warmed: Loved it even more. I don't usually like fruit scent. This was clean and perfumey. 

Lapis Lazuli - Description -  sea salt air, California lemon and beach lily

Lemon Drop It Low - Description : Candied lemon gets down with sugar crystals and citrus leaves

Lemon Sorbet - Description : Fresh-cut lemon and grapefruit zest sweetened by sugarcane.


Lemon Thyme Berry - Description: Sparkling lemonade, strawberry with crushed thyme.

On Cold Sniff: I loved this right from the tester. The “sparkling” note is very forward.

When Warmed: My husband noticed this wax right away. He loved it! He said it made him hungry in a good way. Smells like strawberry lemonade. Slightly herbal, not a bakery scent.

Lights Out - Description : Sandalwood, Vanilla and Amber

On Cold Sniff: Scents are mixed perfectly in this bar. This fragrance is beautiful but extremely light.

When Warmed: Best when put into warmers directly next to wherever you'd like to experience it. 

NOT Club-worthy.

Lime & Sugarcane- Description:Lime and sugarcane cooled by an accord of frozen mint.

On Cold Sniff: A Gorgeous green grass color, wax smelled a bit like grass too! It’s limey!

When Warmed: This was just as amazing. It’s a super clean smell, perfect for freshening up a room. The sugar cane rounded out the sour of the lime with an almost woodsy note.


Lime Sublime - Description : Refreshing aroma of 100% lime juice.


Love Story - Description : Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber embraced by luscious dark chocolate.

MAD FOR MELON - Description: Honeydew Melon, Freesia, Wild Poppy

On Cold: Perfect balance of melon and floral. One is not stronger than the other. It doesn't smell specifically like poppy though. Just "flowers".

When Warmed: : Great fragrance but was gone in about 6 hours. Not too heavy in the air either. Liked it. Strength: 7.5/10, Throw: 7/10, Longevity: 6 hrs.

MAGNOLIA LINEN - Description: Sunwashed Linen, Magnolia, Honeysuckle 

On Cold: This is a VERY strong Linen fragrance with a floral note. I hope they put it in laundry products.

When Warmed: : This was a bit strong! I used 4 cubes in a 400 sq.ft. area and I had to open the windows. That said, it was LOVELY! I'll be buying more. Strength: 9/10, Throw: 9/10, Longevity: 48 hrs.


Mandarin Grapefruit Amber - Description: Sweet Mandarin, Fresh Grapefruit, and Warm Amber

On Cold Sniff: I thought this was going to be fabulous, maybe a little too citrusy. But...

When Warmed: This was a huge disappointment. I put this in 3 corners of a bedroom and it hardly scented the room. It's a nice fragrance, but not powerful at all. The amber is not in a strong enough balance with the citrus. The mandarin and grapefruit come at you right away, then just go up and out and the wax is done. Bummer.


Mandarin Moon : Description - Cinnamon and glowing ginger illuminated by orange and star anise.

On Cold Sniff - Very nice, not too strong. Reminded me of essential oils, this is an authentic wax.

When Warmed - This knocked my socks off! Fabulous!!! It reminded me of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea. The anise is strong and is rounded out by the orange beautifully. This one also lasted a long time! I put it in my bedroom warmers on Monday, it's still going strong on Saturday.


Mariposa Lily-Description:Mariposa lily blooms with sugar apple and pineapple slices.

On Cold Sniff:I thought this was going to be my favorite in the new collection, so I tried it first! The perfume note of lilies seemed quite strong but it was balanced with the pineapple.

When Warmed:This was a good performer, I only used 2 cubes and it lightly scented the whole apartment. But I felt like it changed drastically while it was melted. The sweet flower note got lost and it smelled like I was fragrancing my home with cheap cologne.


Mediterranean Spa - Description - Relax with this smooth, fresh, and breezy scent.

On Cold Sniff - Nice, cologne scent. Almost masculine. VERY spa-like. Light.


Midnight Fig : Description - Figs and berries tempered by musky woods.

On First Sniff: Not my favorite, but I could tell it was going to change when I warmed it. When Warmed: beautiful scent, but not obvious, in your face. This is a background fragrance. Also, a perfect mixer to “ground” scents that are to high up on the notes.

Midnight in Curacao - Description: Brazen notes of currant, orange, and mirabelle plum sneak out after hours.

On Cold Sniff: I knew I'd like this one right away. It's a fruity scent but it's deep and romantic!

When Warmed: Loved this even more! This will be a staple in my bedroom. It's a relaxing fruit smell but not like "fresh cut" fruit. More of a mulled wine/cologne fragrance, as the wax was warming I found myself sitting closer and closer to the warmer...taking long deep breaths to fill my nose with it. 

Mojito Mambo - Description : Sparkling club soda, crushed lime, muddled mint leaf sway away with white rum.


Mulberry Bush :  Description - Sweet mulberry accented with bittersweet orange peels.

On Cold Sniff - My kid described it as "beautiful". To me, it smelled like fruit punch and that's about it.

When Warmed - Same...Fruit punch! Very sweet and fruity with decent strength. Probably a great mixer. But this didn't have lasting power. After about 7 hours the scent was completely gone.


My Wish : Description - Earthy fig, sweet violet, and playful marshmallow will have you wishing for more.


Oats and Honey : Description - A buttery mix of toasted oats and tupelo honey, with vanilla and maple.

On Cold Sniff - This smelled like caramel corn or kettle corn! You can really smell the salt, which I guess comes from the "buttery mix" in the description. It smelled good, but not like Oats and Honey.

When Warmed - This wasn't a favorite for me, but I liked it. I warm gourmand scents in my kitchen because I feel that food smells should stay where the food is! But the butter note was really strong. I will use this when I need to blast a foul odor out, like curry or onion. I believe it will cover odors well.

OH SNAP (DRAGON)! - Description: Blood Orange, Pink Pineapple, Snapdragon

On Cold: I liked the smell of this in the clamshell. I didn't pick up pineapple, but it's a floral-fruity vibe.

When Warmed: : Smelled great for 3 hours...then nothing. Way too light for me.

Strength: 5/10, Throw: 5/10, Longevity: 3 hours.


Orange Clove Pomander - Description: Ginger, clove and creamy vanilla... an intoxicating, spicy-sweet retreat.

On Cold Sniff: This is VERY similar to Mandarin Moon (discontinued!), like Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea. This is a bit spicier though. Less citrus and sharper. There's citrus in the title but not the description.

When Warmed: I love this wax. It's not very strong right next to the 2 warmers I put it in, yet I could smell it all through the apartment. It's got great throw without being overpowering. This is in the clearance section, $4.80!

Orange Dreamsicle : Description - A classic combination of fresh orange, swirled with vanilla cream.


Pear Blossom and Cucumber : Pear blossom, jasmine, honeydew, Meyer lemon, cucumber water. 

On Cold Sniff: I smell the honeydew first, then a perfumey, fresh note of cucumber. No citrus or floral.

When Warmed: I thought I would like this...and I kinda do...but I don't smell a thing! I tried it in 2 different rooms. Even with 4 cubes melting in one room, the scent is so light, it's nondistinguishable.


Peony Petals : Description - Peony and rose petals dance on a soft breeze.

On Cold Sniff - Very Feminine. I loved the scent the

When Warmed - A bit too light. When I warmed this on a VERY cold day I smelled nothing. But on a warmer day, it was VERY floral and sweet. Not fruity-sweet but it's a flower-sweet.

PETAL PALS - Description: Pink Rose, Peony, Whipped Marshmallow

On Cold: The Peony takes over the Rose in this one. Very little marshmallow. Astringent.

When Warmed: : I disliked this wax. I warmed it in my bedroom  and it kept me awake until I shut the warmers off. It's a Big NO from me.  Strength: 7.5/10, Throw: 7/10, Longevity: 24+ hrs.

Pillow Time - Description : Blue Tansy, Silk Blossom and Passionflower

On Cold Sniff :  I LOVE florals, that is all. lol.

When Warmed : This wax was a bit strong for me. Warmed in my bedroom, it kept me awake for a few hours... heavy in the air. I had to shut off the warmers.  Club-worthy, IF you love floral. Long Lasting!

Piña Colada Cha-Cha - Description : Island coconut and zesty pineapple lead; white rum and vanilla bean follow.


Pineapple Pucker - Description: Fresh pineapple steals the show in this eye-opening tropical production.

On Cold Sniff: You just smell Pineapple, but it's a fresh, almost tart scent.

When Warmed: We LOVED this! My husband is taking it to work to warm in his office today! It was fresh and almost perfumy, but still, distinctly fruit. It didn't last very long (about 6-8 hours) but it was beautiful!


Pink Haze - Description: Berries, nectarines and vanilla-laced whipped cream nestled in marshmallow fondant.

On Cold Sniff: I don't smell the nectarine or any citrus, but it's a sweet candy scent. The berries and vanilla give it a "perfume" note. I think it smells VERY similar to Scentsy's Sugar.

When Warmed: It's still very similar to Sugar (to me), but in wax form this did NOT last as long as Sugar, nor did it lat as long as Pink Haze pods for the Scentsy Go. I was disappointed in the longevity, but I LOVE the fragrance.

Pistachio Ice Cream-Description:Pistachio cream and coconut garnish vanilla meringue.

On Cold Sniff : Didn’t knock my socks off but it smelled nice. I didn’t smell anything else.

When Warmed: This is definitely a “gourmand” fragrance. I don’t really get coconut. The vanilla is there, but the pistachio is prominent. It’s almost a bakery scent. Personally, I would use this to warm up a room, only one cube in a large area, no more than that.

Plum & White Woods - Description: Sweet raspberry preserves and damson plum weave through vanilla orchid. On Cold Sniff: I don't smell plum, but I do smell the raspberry and orchid. This isn't overly floral or fruity though.

When Warmed: This is a gorgeous bedroom scent. It's very romantic but not heavy at all. It can even be warmed in a more feminine living room. It comes across as somewhat perfumey to me, not too sweet. The damson gives an herbal note, being a less sweet plum. I like this wax VERY much


Pretty and Plum - Description: Red plum gets pasty-perfect with black coconut and sweet cream.

On Cold Sniff: Somewhat fruity, a bit like currants. I don't smell coconut. Sweet cream very faint.

When Warmed: Boring, Boring, Boring. Supposed to have a bakery note, not a pie crust, more of a cookie scent. One cube in each of the 4 warmers in one room, I didn't feel enveloped by scent. This is a background fragrance. Perfect for a first-time Scentsy user!


Quiet Grove - Description: Hushed notes of bergamot, jasmine, and sandalwood.

On Cold Sniff: This smells quite herbal and woodsy...not really floral at all. Love this!

When Warmed: Started off woodsy, the sandalwood was in the front at first. As this warms, the floral comes forward and it becomes a very feminine perfume scent. This wax kicked ass for days and days too! This is a new solid favorite!  

Rainforest Bungalow - Description: Emerald palm frond, dewy lemongrass, and aloe flower.

On Cold Sniff: My son smelled pine, but I think he was thinking "greenery".  I don't pick up Lemongrass at all.

When Warmed: I warmed it on the first sunny and clear day in NYC. All my windows were open and there were grassy notes coming in from outside as well as from my warmers. It may not have been "necessary" today. This wax will be perfect for a cold rainy/snowy day when you need a "shot" of nature. This is a GREEN scent! 


Route 66 - Description - A windswept drive in a convertible—an exhilarating breeze of citrus, herbs, and musk.

On Cold Sniff:This smells like a hot dude. can even smell an alcohol or astringent aspect.

When Warmed:Not very strong. This was a disappointing experience. 3 hours into warming, I don't smell much of anything at all.


Root Beer Float : Description - Concoction of old-fashioned root beer and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Rose Quartz - Description : a union of coconut cream, Moroccan rose and sandalwood.

SAND SWEPT - Description: Ocean Water, Sandstone, Driftwood, Pink Lemon

On Cold: The name is pretentious, but I like this scent. Aquatic, a little woody, I don't pick up the lemon at first. But when you are smelling it and THINK about Lemon, it's there. Weird!

When Warmed: : This turns into "laundry" fragrance in the warmers. Pretty strong, but short lived.

Strength: 9/10, Throw: 8/10, Longevity: 12 hrs.

Shaka : Description - Classically cool: rich sandalwood infused with a splash of bergamot and lime.


Sheer Woods - Description: Tender violet leaf, sheer sandalwood and white birch.

On Cold Sniff: I smelled this tester and “knew” I would love this wax. It smelled very woodsy, yet perfumey in the clam shell. I was relieved it didn’t have floral notes. I had high hopes.

When Warmed: NOPE! I had to shut this wax off. The wood notes came out and smacked me in the face. It reminded me a lot of Frosted White Birch. A bit like a camp fire. Too woodsy.

Shimmer - Description: Sweet cherries, velvety apricots, and sensual white musk with shimmering spun sugar.

On Cold Sniff: I don't really smell cherry, but I do pick up apricot! This is a clean, feminine scent, but sweet too!

When Warmed: This gives a very romantic atmosphere to any room it's warmed in! It's not overly strong but it does linger for at least 2 - 2.5 days. Towards the end of its cycle, this takes on a perfume vibe. 

Shut Eye - Description : Jasmine, Peach and Cedar

On Cold Sniff : Prominently Jasmine.This is a lovely fragrance...for a very short time.

When Warmed : Lasted 5 hours in my warmers, then the scent was completely gone. NOT Club-worthy.


Simply Irresistible : Description - Lavender with a woody background of amber, moss, and musk.


Simply Rose -  Description - A fragrance for those who love the scent of pure rose. 

On Cold Sniff - I was afraid....this is EXACTLY like a very fragrant rose. (Almost like a funeral parlor! EEK!)

When Warmed - On its own, it's a bit sharp. But mixing it was FABULOUS!

Sleep Happy - Description: Violet, Musk Clouds, Bergamot.

On cold sniff : This had an aftershave vibe, but on the light side.

When Warmed : Isn't as masculine when warmed.My husband thought it was "powder room"-ish. Lasted 18 hours straight! Club-worthy.

Snuggle Up - Description : Lavender, Cashmere Woods, Sage.

On Cold Sniff : The only note I can pick out specifically is a little Lavender. I don't recognize the others.

When Warmed : This wax was a VERY strong. It's a "laundry" scent and lasted 2 days straight, with open windows.  100%Club-worthy.

Southern Sweet Tea - Description: A splash of juicy peach, orange juice, and white tea.

On Cold Sniff: This is a straight up peach tea scent. Brulee’-colored wax. Very nice.

When Warmed: Great in every room in the house. Almost mouth-watering with those peach notes. Didn’t make me hungry. It is a very recognizable scent, but not distracting.

Spring Symphony : Description - As fresh as a spring garden — sweet hyacinth sings with a fragrant medley of coconut water, violet leaf and soft musk.


Starfruit and Pear Nectar - Description : Bright bursts of starfruit, sugarcane and tangelo.

On Cold Sniff : This gave a more perfume feeling than I thought it would. I didn’t get fruit.

When Warmed : I loved this even more after melting it. It’s a light scent but a good performer. A creamy vanilla comes out at the end to round the experience.

Strawberry Daiquiri Disco - Description : Strawberry puree, white raspberry, Caribbean rum

Sugar - Description: Fruity blend of lemon drops and cotton candy.

On Cold Sniff: This smells amazing! It immediately reminded me of Shea Moisture's Raw Shea & Cupuaçu Daily Defense Body Butter. Some people think it smells like Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume. It's VERY romantic, sweet.

When Warmed: Just as fabulous! This one will be warmed in my bedroom. Very relaxing, not sickeningly sweet.


Summer Sippin’ : Description - Sun-ripened raspberries and tangy lemons make you wish it were summer.


Summer Soleil-Description: Pineapple and coconut milk top fluffy vanilla marshmallow.

On Cold Sniff: Cantaloupe colored wax. Summer Sunshine has similar notes, but this wax isn’t strongly scented at all. Took the whole bar out of the shell and warmed it in my hands, nope.

When Warmed: Non-exciting. Almost Non-existent. Not bad, just very light.


Summer Sunshine-Description: Pineapple and coconut bask in a warm mandarin glow.

On Cold Sniff : It smells like a tanning lotion. The mandarin and coconut is stronger than the coconut. A very nice scent for a bathroom or bedroom. I wanted to drink it.

When Warmed: Enjoyed it. Smells like a tropical drink. Gives a “summer feeling”. This will bring you out of a funk!


Sunny & Share : Description - A sunny shore washed clean by a spring shower – soft sea air, golden citrus, & dewy driftwood scattered with white beach daisies.


Sweet Amber and Freesia-Description:Layers of verbena blossom, freesia, sweet amber.

On Cold Sniff: Very feminine, bathroom scent. Maybe too feminine for some? Amber? nope.

When Warmed:It smells good, but it smells like NOTHING. I used 6 cubes in my home at once and I smelled nothing. I may have gotten a bad bar?

Sweet Pea & Vanilla - Description: Ambiance of raspberries and sweet pea petals with vanilla.

On Cold Sniff: This smells very much like most things you'll get at a certain BBW store. (Know what I mean?)

When Warmed: Surprisingly strong and long-lasting. Better than any $15 candle you can buy. This is like a raspberry cologne. I smell the fruit and the floral but I don't get vanilla. That's OK. Too bad Scentsy doesn't make a body wash or lotion in this scent. That would be dreamy!

TANGERINE DREAMSICLE - Description: Icy Tangerine, Mango, Vanilla Cream Swirl

On Cold: This smells like every other orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream scented product out there.

NOT a favorite for me.

When Warmed: : The "cream" note burned up and off fast. This ended up being more citrus than dessert-ish. Not as bad as I originally thought it'd be. Strength: 6/10, Throw: 3/10, Longevity: 9 hrs.


Twilight : Description - A lovely, sophisticated scent, infused with soft romantic florals and ocean air.

On Cold Sniff - The blood red color of the wax doesn't really match the scent (or the black packaging). This is a lovely, clean, soapy smell. But there's a complexity to it. This might be a winner, not sure yet!

When Warmed - This is a winner, for sure! It's a very soapy smell...a bathroom is the ideal place for it. After 3 days in my warmers, this scent was still going strong! There's a deep, herbal note. I really love it!

Vanilla Oud - Description: Vanilla, earthy tendrils of oud wood and leather as it warms.

On Cold Sniff: I knew I'd love this wax the moment I opened the clamshell. The description is spot on.

When Warmed: LOVE LOVE LOVE this wax. I'll be buying a huge stockpile of it. Hoping Scentsy will start to produce it in more forms, like colognes and car bars. It's not too sweet, not too musky. It's perfect.


Vanilla Suede : Description - Vanilla with amber, sandalwood and spice — a subtly masculine fragrance.

On Cold Sniff - Smells like a combination of Vanilla Oud and Weathered Leather. This is lovely and rich.

When Warmed - This scent filled my living room with a slightly sweet, musky scent that I LOVED. My husband isn't the biggest fan, due to his veganism. The level of suede in this fragrance is pretty strong. 


White Sands-Description : Night-blooming jasmine with coconut milk and rice, enveloped in the gentlest breeze.

On Cold Sniff: Very Similar to Cashmere Pear. Perfumey, Feminine, Woodsy, not overly amber. I love this.

When Warmed: Just as amazing! Romantic bedroom scent. Non-distinct but present. A favorite!


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