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Scentsy Holiday 2021 Bricks w qr.jpeg

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My take on the bricks :

SWEET ORANGE AND POMANDER-clove, cinnamon stick,sweet orange --- this is a very spicy wax, like red-hots candies that lasted a looong time. I would have prefered more orange to cut the cinnamon, but this one is VERY strong and will cut through if you need to disguise certain odors

PINK POINSETTIA-plum, blackberry, pomegranate --- this smells very fruity and summery, NOT seasonal at all. I've had it in my warmers from 3 hours and I smell nothing other than a bit of clean sweetness. So far, it's totally underwhelming! I'll get back to you on this.....24 hours later, my final thoughts on this are the same. No impressive strength in this fragrance, but it leaves a clean feeling. That's all

FLUFFY FLEECE-black currant, musk, heliotrope --- On cold sniff, this wax knocked my socks off. It was the perfect balance of perfume and laundry, like billowy cotton with the heaviness of Scentsy's Clothesline. I thought it would be my favorite. But once I warmed it, I was very disappointed. I smelled NOTHING. I gave this a try in a smaller room. Still not strong whatsoever.

VANILLA CINNAMON MAPLE-cinnamon, maple, cream---I did not think I would like this wax at all but I enjoyed it very much. I left it going for about 3 days, I wouldn't recommend keeping it in the warmers that long. It finished off too buttery for me. But I would highly recommend this Fall themed fragrance.

SPICED EGGNOG-clove, buttered rum, eggnog --- This wax reminds me of Butter Rum Lifesavers, which are a favorite of mine. Smelling this brings me back to my childhood and made me feel cozy. Warming this now and thankfully, it's not "too sweet" or too strong. It could be mixed and not overpower other scents. I like it.

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