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Andrea Santoro

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Aromatherapist





A Bit About Me


I am a seasoned and professional Licensed Massage Therapist, in practice since 1994.

From an early age, I had the desire to heal and help. I spent most of my career in Manhattan, living and working in the heart of The Big Apple. I've treated thousands of overworked and overstressed fellow New Yorkers.


In 2014, I added a lateral shift to my income and incorporated Direct Sales into my repertoire. My sales team has been growing with me every day, learning new ways to help people scent their homes and cope with the stresses of everyday living with fragrance and decor, all from the comfort of their home. It has become an amazing adjunct to my massage practice.


Throughout the years, I've helped tens of thousands of people learn how to relax, care for their bodies and practice preventative medicine. You are welcome to join me on my journey. I'd be honored to walk side by side with you.

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